Executive Coaching for High-Achieving Men

You’re here because you’re a high-achieving man who has the good sense to try and reignite the relationship you have with your wife.

Instead of simply taking the “easy” way out and getting divorced.

So here’s how we’re going to do it.

Comprehensive 6-12 months coaching packages:

Dive deep into man-to-man coaching where we help demolish the blocks that are getting in the way of connecting deeply with your woman.

Weekly 1-on-1 Calls:

Each week we’ll jump on a 60-minute intensive session, where we’ll look at your progress, tackle challenges that have come up and look for new opportunities in the coming week to step further into embracing who you are as a man. I promise this will drive your wife wild, and she won’t even be able to put her finger on what’s changed.

Refuge Breath work Sessions:

Rooted in the studies of Somatic Therapy. We’ll do proven breathing exercises at strategic times throughout your coaching journey.

Tapping into deep emotions and memories that you’re not even aware exist. Allowing for extreme, therapeutic releases that will automatically unravel and remove other issues in your life.

Even better, you’ll have these breathing exercises in your backpocket for life so whenever you face problems, or obstacles in your life you can easily “blow” the stress away.

Exclusive M-F Voxer Access:

If anything comes up that triggers you, or you feel overwhelmed, you’ll be able to hit me on Voxer Monday - Friday from 10AM - 6 PM (Tuesday’s from 10AM- 4 PM).

So you’re never left trying to navigate a problem on your own.

Exclusive Access to the Masculinity Summit:

This isn’t your typical masculinity ra-ra session with misogynistic viewpoints, or being berated for not getting up at 4 am every morning.

You’ll see real men, sharing valuable - and vulnerable - insights they found on their way to becoming a more complete man in all areas of their lives.

This will provide you with a holistic understanding of the path you’re on.

So if you’re a high-achieving man.

And you’re looking to bring more passion into all areas of your life.

I highly recommend booking a strategic planning session to see if this is right for you and I.

No high-pressure sales (not my style), we’ll simply have a real discussion if this is the right for you.

And if it makes sense for the both of us, then we’ll talk about working together long-term.